We deliver high-performance, reliable battery solutions that power your devices efficiently through our innovative energy storage technologies, ensuring longer-lasting performance and enhanced productivity.


GeePower New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a dynamic and forward-looking industry leader, spearheads the new energy revolution. Established in 2018, the company has dedicated itself to the design, production, and distribution of innovative lithium-ion battery solutions under its esteemed “GeePower” brand.
Renowned for its engineering excellence and unwavering commitment to quality, GeePower has earned an impeccable reputation as a trusted provider of sustainable power solutions. The company’s diverse product portfolio is expertly tailored to address the surging global demand for reliable and Eco-friendly applications, spanning new energy electric vehicles, electric forklifts, backup power systems, and advanced residential/industrial energy storage.

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  • 80v 350AH Forklift Battery

    80v 350AH Forklift Bat...

    • 80V 350Ah Li-ion Forklift Battery:
    • Cutting-edge, energy-efficient power for material handling.
    • Exceptional performance, reliability, and safety for forklift operations.
    • High-quality battery with impressive cycle life and robust 83.2V, 350Ah capacity.
    • Ensures smooth, uninterrupted forklift operations.
    • Innovative LiFePO4 design offers longer shelf life.
    • Efficient, cost-effective power solution for enterprise material handling.
    • Optimized for dependable, energy-efficient forklift applications.
  • 72V 350AH Forklift Battery

    72V 350AH Forklift Bat...

    • Deep Cycle 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Li-Ion Battery.
    • Specifically designed for forklift trucks, providing:
    • Impressive cycle life.
    • Reliable power.
    • Exceptional safety performance.
    • 350Ah capacity, 76.8V voltage for robust forklift power.
    • Innovative LiFePO4 technology offers long shelf life.
    • Cost-effective replacement for lead-acid batteries.
    • Exceptional safety performance sets it apart.
  • 72V 300AH Forklift Battery

    72V 300AH Forklift Bat...

    • 72V Electric Forklift Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack.
    • Robust, dependable energy storage solution.
    • Advanced Li-ion technology for:
    • Superior cycle life.
    • Exceptional power output.
    • Shorter charging duration.
    • Highly suitable for applications needing reliable power.
    • Compact design for easy installation and maintenance.
    • Smart BMS system provides multi-level safety safeguards:
    • Protects against overheating, over-discharge, overcharge, short-circuits.
  • 72V 280AH Forklift Battery

    72V 280AH Forklift Bat...

    • 72V 280AH Ultra-thin Rechargeable Li-Ion Forklift Battery.
    • High energy density for consistent, extended power.
    • Longer lifespan and faster charging vs. lead-acid batteries.
    • More efficient and cost-effective power solution.
    • Advanced BMS ensures safe, reliable operation.
    • Regulates charging/discharging, prevents overcharge/overheat.
    • Compatible with various forklift models and brands.
    • Sturdy, reliable construction for challenging environments.
  • 36V 1120AH Forklift Battery

    36V 1120AH Forklift Ba...

    • GeePower’s LiFePO4 36V 1120AH Forklift Batteries.
    • Excellent alternative to lead-acid batteries for material handling.
    • High capacity forklift battery with 38.4V voltage.
    • Reliable, stable, adequate power for smooth equipment operation.
    • Large battery capacity.
    • LCD screen and car charger port for convenience and user-friendliness.
    • Ideal power solution for industrial forklift applications.
  • 24V 700AH Forklift Battery

    24V 700AH Forklift Bat...

    • 25.6V 700Ah forklift lithium battery pack.
    • Exceptional investment for long-term operational improvements.
    • Engineered to endure rugged environmental conditions.
    • Delivers stable, consistent performance for demanding applications.
    • Maximizes equipment utilization, maintains uninterrupted workflow.
    • Minimizes costly downtime for manufacturing, warehouses, distribution.
  • 24V 175AH Forklift Battery

    24V 175AH Forklift Bat...

    • 24V 175AH Forklift LiFePO4 Battery Replacement.
    • Robust & reliable industrial power.
    • Extended cycle life, high power output.
    • Outperforms lead-acid batteries.
    • Advanced BMS for safety & reliability.
    • Withstands harsh environments.
    • Ideal for demanding industries.
    • Compact, easy installation & maintenance.
    • Optimizes operations, reduces downtime.
    • Durable, efficient, user-friendly.
    • Excellent business investment.

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