In fact, the key of restricting the development of electric vehicles is not the motor, but the battery. Because the battery counts a lot in the user experience, such as cruising power, charging time and so on. However, a good battery depends on many factors, including battery safety, energy density, and service life. The famous Tesla uses the ternary lithium polymer batteries for its electric cars. So, what is a ternary lithium polymer battery? Why are they so popular in powering electric vehicles?

What are the ternary lithium polymer battery and its advantage?

ternary lithium polymer battery

ternary lithium polymer battery

A ternary lithium polymer battery refers to a lithium battery using lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (Li(NiCoMn)O2) as its positive electrode material. This kind of positive electrode material has advantages in terms of battery energy density, specific power, charging speed, and low temperature resistance. Although lithium iron phosphate is better in cycling, its performance is not good enough in cold environments.

How does GeePower® ensure the safety of ternary lithium polymer battery?

  1. GeePower® has been continually tackling the technology of battery management system for ternary lithium polymer battery, and it security is greatly improved and is safe enough to be used in many applications.
  2. According to the easy pyrolysis of ternary lithium materials, GeePower® spare no efforts in providing over-protection (OVP), over-discharge protection (UVP), over-temperature protection (OTP), and over-current protection (OCP). Moreover, we have a complete battery management system that can manage the battery well.
  3. In addition our ternary lithium polymer battery employs an intelligent control system. You can keep track of the battery’s working status, and download the battery work data to analyze the battery performance through the online PC.
ternary lithium polymer battery

GeePower® Battery

As a professional manufacturer of different batteries, GeePower® could also provide customized services based on your specific requirements, like battery operating parameters or available battery space. If you are in the market for the lithium-ion battery, GeePower® would be your ideal choice.

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