Nowadays, most simple, changeless but dangerous work is gradually being replaced by robots,because of the problems of increasing labor costs, labor shortages, quality requirements and workplace safety , as well as the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI). Undoubtedly, robot work requires ample power support, especially for indoor mobile robots. It is essential to choose a proper power supply for robot, for which the power determines its service life, single operation time, and so on. Therefore, what kind of battery is best for robots? Ler’s take a look at the  Lithium-ion Battery System of GeePower® .

Lithium-ion Battery System

Lithium-ion Battery System

Why Choose Lithium-ion Battery System

Taking battery capacity, volume, and discharge power into consideration, Lithium-ion power systems will be the first choice. In the past, robots were often powered by nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, with the development of lithium-ion batteries, robot batteries have gradually been replaced by lithium-ion battery systems. For the reasons as follow:

Lithium-ion battery is Eco-friendly, safe, small in size, light in weight, large in capacity, long in working time, and supports intelligent control system. By contrast, the nickel-cadmium battery has a memory effect, and its life will shorten quickly. Nickel-metal hydride and lithium batteries have no memory effect and can be fully charged and discharged, but the service life of lithium batteries is 3 times that of nickel-hydrogen batteries.

Lithium-ion Battery System Cases

GeePower® also had successful cases with Transforma Roboticsh®,a professional robots manufacturer. For its smart paint robots (Pictobot), and quality inspection robots (Quicabot), both of them are powered by lithium-ion power system. Moreover, the battery can be quickly replaced, which saves the charging time and improves the working efficiency of the robot. As a result, the robots are able to work from hours to hours without interruption. For small robots, 12V, 24V, 48V lithium ion power system is also acceptable. At the same time, GeePower®’s Li-Ion power system provides an audible alarm at low voltage to remind the operator to replace the battery.

Lithium-ion Battery System

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