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Two Indexes of Determining Lithium Battery Performance

Lithium batteries are around the corner of our lives. Its applications include mobile phones, mobile power supplies, electric vehicles, and other power tools. So, as a carrier of electrical energy and a source of power for many devices, lithium batteries greatly facilitate a variety of human activities. With the increasing demands of power supply, improving the performance of lithium batteries has been significant. Therefore, what are the Indexes measuring the lithium battery performance? GeePower® would like to give you an answer based on some researches.

lithium battery performance

lithium battery performance

1, Energy density of lithium battery

Energy density refers to the energy that can be stored per unit volume or weight. The high energy density lithium battery is not only large in capacity, but also small in size and light in weight. However, energy density is the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of current lithium batteries. So how do we increase the energy density?

The battery that acts as an electrical energy carrier is actually only lithium ions. To increase the energy density, so the first step is to increase the proportion of lithium. At the same time, let as many lithium-ions run out of the positive electrode, move to the negative electrode, and then return to carry the electricity.

2, Charge-discharge rate of lithium battery

The charge-discharge rate refers to the speed at which the electricity is stored and released. This determines the charge and discharge time of the lithium battery. And the lithium battery with high charge and discharge rate can be fully charged in a very short time.

The charge-discharge rate of a lithium battery is directly related to the ability of lithium ions to migrate between the positive and negative electrodes, the electrolyte, and the interface between them. In addition, the heat dissipation rate inside the battery is also an important factor affecting the rate performance. If the heat dissipation is slow, the accumulated heat cannot be transmitted, which will seriously affect the safety and life of the lithium battery.

lithium battery performance

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But in reality, it is impossible for us to achieve an infinitely large energy density and instantaneous transfer of energy. GeePower® is committed to continuously breaking through these limitations and continuously improving the performance of lithium batteries.

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