Lithium-ion 300Wh Portable UPS | 110V or 220V AC and 5V DC USB output

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Lithium-ion 300Wh Portable UPS | 110V or 220V AC and 5V DC USB output

  • Small size and light weight(5.5kg only)
  • Large storage capacity(300wh)
  • Convenient carrying(with handle)
  • Lithium-ion Portable Power Bank
  • High quality(>2000times lifespan)


GeePower® Lithium-ion 300Wh Portable UPS

Lithium-ion 300Wh Portable UPS is designed and developed by GeePower. This small portable UPS with 110V or 220V AC and 5V DC USB output. It has 300Wh energy with just 5.5KG only. Characterized by small size, large storage capacity and convenient carrying, this 300Wh Lithium-ion Portable UPS is of high quality and convenience. Its design and configuration are given in details as below.

No. Configuration Descriptions & Functions
1 Energy 300Wh
2 Weight 5.5kgs
3 Dimensions L256*W200*H80(mm)
4 Shell Aluminum Alloy Material for better heat Dissipation
5 Inverter 300W(peak 600W)
7 Solar controller Built-in adaptive voltage solar controller(50~300W solar panel are available)
8 AC charger 110V or 220V 10Amps AC dedicated charger
9 12V DC The instantaneous current up to 300A(can be an emergency power supply for automobiles)
10 5V DC 2pcs USB connectors, can charge mobile phone and power other 5V DC electric equiments
11 220V AC Household appliances(TV, computer, rice cooker, lighting, etc.)
12 Display LCD Display

This Portable Power Bank employs high-quality battery cells, advanced production technologies and has a scientific internal structure design, which achieves the objectives of long lifespan.


2. Appearance of 300Wh Portable UPS

portable ups interface

3. Technical parameters 

300Wh Portable UPS’s Technical parameters list

No. Items Index marks Remarks
1 Rated voltage (V) 10.8
2 Rated capacity (Ah) 30
3 voltage range (V) 8.4~12.6
4 Energy (wh) 300
5 SOC range (%) 10%~100%
7 Charging current (A) 10
8 Discharge current (A) ≤ 3 220VAC output
9 Instantaneous discharge current (A) 300 12VDC output
10 Operating Temperature Discharging: -15 ° C ~ 55 ° C

Charging: 0°C~45°C

Without heating
11 Relative Humidity(%) 5%~100%
12 Cooling Methods air cooling
13 Charging Methods Solar panel or  AC
14 Warranty Requirements  1 year

4. Running orders of 300Wh Portable UPS

(1)It  should be stored in a state of charge of 20% to 50%.

(2)After the battery is used for 6 months, the following inspections should be made. Should any faults be found, you have to fix it immediately.

  • whether any fastener bolts and nuts are loose.
  • whether the charging and output interfaces are connected well.
  • Whether the power-supply shell is damaged or deformed.

(3)When it is not used for a long time, it is advisable for you to recharge it every three months with the configured charger for 2~3h.

About GeePower®  

GeePower Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1982s for producing battery raw material, started to produce batteries in 1988. After 36years of development, we have grown to become the pioneer of the rechargeable battery industry in China, which enjoys high reputation and is fully experienced in this field. 

Portable Power Bank

1kWh Portable UPS

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