500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

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500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

  • Extremely High Rate Capability
  • High safety performance(no flowing electrolyte)
  • Fast charging is available(can up to 3C, less than 20minutes)
  • Very good performance under high temperature
  • High energy density, 110~140wh/Kg
  • Light weight and small volume, about 1/3 weight and volume of lead-acid batteries


Geepower® 500KW*1h energy storage system is assembled with a 500KW battery system, combiner box. All of these equipments assembled in a standard 20-foot container, include Fire services equipments, smoke alarm equipments, grounding-products and Heat management system. Lithium batteries in the system support 1.5~2C continuous charge and discharge, tolerant ranges of temperature is -20℃~65℃.

500KWh storage system be assembled by 5packs 537.6V 200AH LiFePO4 batteries in series and parallels. Each pack energy is 107.5KW, 5pcs packs in parallels, total energy can up to 530KW.(Each 537.6V 200AH LiFePO4 battery pack is assembled with 168pcs 3.2v 200Ah LiFePO4 battery module.)

GeePower®3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 lithium high power battery pack can be used to Electric vehicles and other energy storage areas. These Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, produced by GeePower here in  China, are rated at more than 2000 recharge cycles, can be assembled in series and parallels with a battery management system (BMS).

All of the batteries and BMS be installed on a shelf with protective screening.

107.5KW Battery System Main Feature

Each 6pcs 3.2V 200AH battery modules as a small pack, packing in a box, the box with handles, be convenient for transportation and install(picture as below).
Install smoke alarm equipments in each 20-foot container, can be monitored and alarmed by monitoring equipments. Each container both install fire-fighting equipment, such as dry powder extinguisher,Automatic pneumatic fire extinguisher, Fire isolation door. When the fire happened, electric isolation, spatial isolation will be started automatically.
Each 107.5Kw storage system be protected by a battery management system,include 7pcs data acquisition module, 1pc main controller, 1pc Insulation monitoring module, 1pc 500A Hall sensor, 1pc LCD display and High pressure control device. Battery working condition can be showed on the built-in LCD display, also can be transferred to SCADA for monitoring and controlling. Communication protocol is ModBus, communication mediums is RS485.
BMS will be assembled as 3 floors architecture, the first floor working for battery cells data collection; the second floor working for battery pack data assembling and high pressure control; the third floor working for communication with BMS and remote control. This floor mainly collect all of the battery data,coordinate all of the working between battery contactors.


500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System 168S 1000Ah Parameters

500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name GeePower
Nominal Voltage 537.6V(168 cells in series)
Rated Capacity 1000AH(5 cells in parallel)
Rated Energy 530KW
Voltage Range 421.2~561.6V
Rated Charge Current(0.3C) 300A
Rated Discharge Current(1C) 1000A
Max. Charge Current(0.6C) 600A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current(1.5C) 1500A
Max. Continuous Output 0.645MW
Operating temperature Charge:0℃~45℃
Storage temperature Less than 3 mouths:-10℃~45℃
Less than 1 year: -10℃~25℃
 Storage humidity  60±25%RH
Describe the working conditions Normal charge and discharge cycle

Every day can be charge and discharge

Deep Cycle charge and discharge cycle

Once every three mouths(monitoring system send maintain signal out)


• The 500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System max continuous discharging current is 1500Amps, peak discharge power is 645Kw.
• Power Supply Voltage for the 400kw storage system is AC220V, internal system power supply is DC24V(through AC-to-DC transfer).
• Heat management: With a 5P air conditioner to control the container’s inner temperature, also install ventilation device to form internal circulation, in order to make sure temperature in each corner of container are the same.
• Storage container installing form: on the ground.
• Lightning protection: container box connect with ground directly, welding bolt onto the container outside. All use Special grounding products (model:ZLM-2), lifespan can be 30years. The bolts are choose non-metallic conductive materials as main part, Low conductivity, stable performance. Buried in the soil, non-degradable, No corrosive ions, long lifespan, security and eco-friendly.

500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System BMS Parameters


500KW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System BMS
Assembly 168pcs 200AH in series, 5pcs in parallel
Battery Pack Nominal Voltage 537.6V/Pack
Battery Configuration 840pcs 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Modules
BMS IP Code IP40
BMS Electrical Device Voltage test wires, temperature sensor, contactor, current sensor, temperature control relay and other Communication device.
Power supply for BMS 220VAC power supplier(BMS operating voltage 24V/100W)
Single cell sampling precision ±10mV
Single cell  sampling frequency ≤100ms
Temperature sampling number 3pcs
Temperature detection accuracy ≤±1℃
Temperature testing cycle ≤1S
LCD display 7” LCD
Current detection accuracy ≤0.5%FSR
Current detection cycle ≤100ms
SOC Estimation accuracy ≤8%
communications protocol CAN or RS485


3.2V 200AH Battery Energy Storage System Detailed Image

400KW Battery Energy Storage System of Smart Grid Solution

Item Description Dimensions(mm)
S Screw(S) M10*20
T Thickness(T) 82.0±1.0
W Width(W) 182.5±1.0
L Length(L) 283.5±1.0
C Tab center distance(C) 80.0±1.0

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